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We are delighted that you made the decision to join our colorful family, now you need to fill out a form with the data we need to create your portfolio. It takes approximately 30 minutes.

The following is included

Text presentation, profile picture, link to website, social media and up to sixteen pictures of your artwork. When the portfolio is online, it will be published on Artportable's Facebook page.

For some inspiration you can watch the YouTube video attached, or have a look at other artist's finished portfolios on our platform.

If you have any questions or hesitations, please contact: support@artportable.com or your Artportable coordinator.

  • 1 First step

    In this step, we need basic contact information to help us and other art interested people in contacting you via our platform.

  • 2 Second step

    In this step we want to know more about you and what interests you in your art creation.

  • 3 Third step

    Soon there! Here, we want you to upload your artwork with an optional title and an optional profile picture.

  • 4 Fourth step

    Verify your input data. if there is something you want to manage, you can go back and correct it.

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